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Visualisation of the Banegraven Project - Aarhus Denmark

At over 100,000 sq m the Banegraven project in Aarhus was one of the largest urban development projects in Scandinavia. Urbistic interactive tools helped the local fællesråd to envision the proposals, maximise community engagement and ensure informed responses to the early stages of the planning process.

Our visualisations are based on published project material which can be viewed here


An Urbistic real time virtual walkthrough of the project and surroundings was used to facilitate a lively debate meeting relating to the project.  The meeting was live streamed with 17,000 viewers on Facebook and Stiften newspaper website.   


Below is a video of the Urbistic live stream visualisation presented on the night.  A recording of the full debate meeting can be viewed here.


VR visualisation

Press the GO! button to open the VR 3D viewer. If you open it from your phone you can then also insert the phone into a basic VR headset to get a full VR experience.  VR headsets for use with mobile phones are widely available for example here

Touchscreen Navigation

We like to keep things simple to maximise engagement.  With a touchscreen our models can be navigated with one finger.

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